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Friday, August 29, 2008

Gregor Samsa - Rest (2008)

Genre : Ambient, Post-rock

Tracklist :

01 The Adolescent
02 Ain Leuh
03 Abutting, Dismantling
04 Company
05 Jeroen Van Aken
06 Rendered Yards
07 Psuedonyms
08 First Mile, Last Mile
09 Du Meine Leise

With members dispersed in New York, Chicago, Boston, D.C., and Richmond, Virginia, Gregor Samsa wrote, recorded, and mastered their latest full-length offering, Rest, all over the damn place. Which, you know, probably isn't the easiest way to go about making a record. You can reward Gregor Samsa for their service by picking up Rest-- in one of five exciting formats-- starting May 13 thanks to The Kora Records.

Buried in the sound of slumber, Rest is an ample title for the latest album by Gregor Samsa. The music finds a home among fellow soft melodic artists like Sigur Rös, mixing minimalism with composed instrumentation. Fittingly, guitar parts have mostly been replaced by piano—recorded on Philip Glass’s old Bösendorfer.

Soothing and relaxing is the nature of Gregor Samsa’s music, while its minimal nature occasionally omits the ability to hone in on true melodies beyond soft tonal ones, the harmonies found in the classical instrumentation remove much of the need, placing Rest in the pleasant realms of hypnosis and meditation.

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