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Sunday, May 13, 2012

marché la void - The Origin of Non​-​Entity (2012) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock, from Indonesia

Tracklist :

01. in shadows 03:04
02. silent war 12:20
03. display of power 10:03
04. as we progress marching 07:43
05. for a moment, silence 11:45
06. serenity 12:51

Marché La Void (MLV), a band based in Jakarta, Indonesia, was started in
2003 by 3 long-time friends: Irwan, Wahyu, and Suryaputra. Hendra was the
next member to join the band, followed by Gerrid and Dave. Later Hendra
was replaced by Febri.

Since the day the band was founded, MLV has been writing and performing
their own songs. Many great artists influence the band in writing their
music, which they described as down-tempo, psychedelic, and ambient. Some
influences are more obvious than others, but all are influential

In April 2007, Marché La Void released its first EP, entitled Cacophonia.
The 4 song EP was produced and distributed independently. As times goes
by MLV has been rearangging music style and focussing on their instrument
skill hence digging their main roots in instrumental / experimental /
post-rock genre.

As a band, they feel the need to explore our instruments more as an
individual force that driven our music to some sort of journey and
emotional landscape without the use of vocal.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blood, Sweat + Vinyl : DIY in the 21st Century (DVDRip) (AWESOME !!!)

Official Website

BUY The DVD (limited edition of 2000)

This captivating documentary is the product of five years of obsessive filming of live concert footage, exclusive interviews, and historic documentation focusing on three fiercely independent music labels and their bands.

Featuring Neurosis, ISIS, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Pelican, Oxbow, Evangelista, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, Cave In, and many others whose music and art found ideal homes in the artist-run record labels of Hydra Head, Neurot, and Constellation.

These labels combine hard-to-define, heavy music with a visual aesthetic that has enraptured worldwide fans, without the need for radio or corporate media outlets. They uphold the legacy of treating music as an art form, not as a product.

This film is an answer to those who question where the spirit of punk rock is today.

Over 20 bands and visual artists.
3 record labels.
1 philosophy.

Blood, Sweat & Vinyl: DIY in the 21st Century (Trailer) from kenneth thomas on Vimeo.

Friday, December 9, 2011

FolFollowed By Ghosts – Still, Here (2011) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock

Tracklist :

01. King, My Queen
02. Sleep On It
03. Beards of the Patriarchs
04. Noosepaper
05. Through Leaden Clouds
06. Close

Followed by Ghosts is an instrumental band from Iowa, United States. Drawing influences from post-rock gods godspeed you black emperor! and Explosions in the Sky, they have created their own melodic brand of instrumental guitar rock.

Their debut record, “The Entire City Was Silent,” was recorded all in churches, and has received many positive responses since day one of its release. Including seven tracks ranging from under two minutes to over nine, there is a wide range of emotions and melodies.

The second release, “Dear Monsters, Be Patient” was released for free in 2008 before their first tour. Although they encourage people to buy it, they do not seem to mind free downloading. This was a change in style from TECWS, and has mostly been positively received.

They’re lastest album, “Still, Here” was released in November 2011.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Caspian - You Are The Conductor & The Four Trees (remastered) (2011) (AWESOME !!!)

Genre : Post-rock

Tracklist :

1. Quovis
2. Further Up
3. Further In
4. Loft
5. For Protection
6. Last Rites
7. Moksha
8. Some Are White Light
9. Sea Lawn
10. Crawlspace
11. Book IX
12. The Dropsonde
13. Bromble
14. Our Breath In Winter
15. The Dove
16. ASA
17. ...Reprise

Caspian is an American instrumental rock band from Beverly, Massachusetts. The band formed in Autumn of 2003 and played their first concert in August of 2004.

Sonically Caspian draws from a broad scope of influences ranging from the ambient sophistication of Eluvium and Brian Eno to the crushing fury of art-metalists such as ISIS and Tool. Emotively, the music of Caspian shares common threads with Sigur Ros, M83 and The Appleseed Cast.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sigur Rós - INNI (VIDEO) (2011) (AWESOME !!!)

Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4

Tracklist :

01. Ný batterí
02. Svefn-g-englar
03. Fljótavík
04. Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
05. Sæglópur
06. Festival
07. E-Bow
08. Popplagið
09. Lúppulagið

'inni' is either the first-ever sigur rós live album, or second live film (and follow up to 2007's acclaimed iceland tour film heima). in fact, it is both: a 75-minute film and 105-minute double live album of the band captured in full flow at the close of their last tour in november 2008, here housed within one single fat package.

filmed at alexandra palace over two nights by director vincent morisset (arcade fire's 'miroir noir'), the movie 'inni' could best be described as the anti-'heima'. whereas that film took a band about whom the world knew little, and placed them in the cultural, social and geographical context of their homeland, (with winning and humanising results); the new film strips away everything save the raw performance of the four musicians themselves. where 'heima' was widescreen and open, 'inni' is close and single focussed.

the performance captures the band playing as a stripped down four-piece for the first time since they were joined by string section amiina at the start of the decade. this fundamental 'boiling down' makes 'inni' a more forceful and primal proposition, much at odds with the popular misconception of the band as purveyors of instant emotional heft for film-makers in need.

the album features 15 tracks, with songs taken from all five sigur rós studio albums. there is also the bonus of an unreleased studio track in the form of 'lúppulagið', which is used both over the credits of the film and as the final non-live track on the album. the dvd/blu-ray, meanwhile, also includes four extra songs from the night.

[me] Thank you mr. rayculz @ Post-Rock & Experimental Music Kaskus for this AWESOME video.